Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Open days & stationary hoarding!

A big part of my summer has been spent visiting university open days and collecting prospectus'. I've been to quite a few open days and I still haven't decided my university choices or whether I actually enjoy going to them in the first place.
Open days could be seen as a very informative well spent Saturday or the complete opposite! A plus is getting free stationary with the university logo - I think I have around 15 pens, a mug and some sticky notes in my collection. If a university ever gives out a notebook, I'll put it as my first choice. I have 3 definite options so far, but it's all so hard to choose as all universities I've been to have good points and bad points - going to a uni that combines all those would be nice!

Focussing on the nearer future, I'm back at college. Boo! This year is crucial so I need achieve the grades needed to get the right UCAS points.
One of the only plus sides to going back to college is buying new stationary. I'm a massive nerd and will buy stationary even if I don't need it. Buying stationary brings me joy and feeling of warmth! Haha.

Paperchase is my weakness!!!!

Below are some of the things I got.

1. Helen Dardik ringbinder (They don't seem to sell these on the website anymore)
3. Helen Dardik mechanical pens
4. Paperchase cat highlighters
5. Remarkable recycled landfilled
6. I can't find this online but is from the same designer as number 7.
7. Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Notebook

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