Monday, 14 July 2014

University update!


8. Woodland Lever Arch File (Paperchase)
10. Commandments sticky notes - similar 
11. Candle holder (market in turkey)
12. Pizza cutter (I can't find it but it's from some sort of pound shop and it's blue)
15. Mini Buddha (similar)
16. Evil eye hanging ornament (a market in turkey)
19. Ceramic bowl (this is from a market in Turkey - similar)
20. Sugar spoons (from same market!) 
21. Book poster (I'm not sure where my godmother bought it from but you can buy it here)
22. Mini clock (I'm not sure where my godmother got this either)
23. Mini print (same as above)

They all each told me I had to email them stating the change, then I was told I had to phone and then I even had to post a few letters. It resulted in lots of tea, complaining to my cat and maybe wishing I had never applied to Southamptonin the first place!!

It's mainly all sorted now apart from Student Finance who still say my loan goes to Southampton even though I've sent them a letter and phoned twice! 
But hey ho, I'm very very nervous but also a bit excited! 

Has anyone else has application issues or Student Finance woes? 

Thanks for reading! :)